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Samantha Mehlinger is a writer and journalist from Long Beach, California. As editor of the Long Beach Business Journal, she oversees the news magazine’s editorial team and determines the content of each edition as well as for the Business Journal’s website and social media platforms. She authors an ongoing column called “Millennial Pulse,” which takes a look at different aspects of the Millennial generation using data, interviews, personal anecdotes and a healthy dose of humor. Mehlinger joined the Business Journal as a staff writer in 2013, was promoted to senior writer in 2014, and became assistant editor in 2016. She holds a bachelor of fine arts in creative writing from Chapman University and a master of fine arts in creative writing from California State University, Long Beach. Mehlinger got her start in journalism as a contributing writer for LA STAGE Times, the former official publication for LA STAGE Alliance, a nonprofit that supports Los Angeles-area theater. She is an unabashed entertainment junkie and cat lover.


Episode 118 – Samantha Mehlinger

Samantha Mehlinger writes the column MILLENNIAL PULSE for the Long Beach Business Journal. She also is a new contributor to the CHRIS COLLINS SHOW! Mehlinger sees MILLENNIAL PULSE as an alternative to the bombardment messaging of social media. Instead of relying on Twitter, Instagram, etc., to give readers an understanding of our generation, she puts current events in a broader context that speaks to our issues. She wants millennials to get involved beyond just reacting to social media posts—doing things that help craft our future!

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