Strike a Chord - Ben Caron


Ben Caron

What in the WORLD is the NEW AGE movement all about? Singer-Songwriter Ben Caron is in the studio embracing his inner peace through the power of music—shining light on the positivity surrounding us in THIS WORLD. Caron wants everyone to know that love is shown on the outside when you recognize yourself first from the inside. Check out Ben Caron’s latest album King Benjamin’s Royal Heart out now on Apple Music + Spotify.

Strike a Chord - Nicole Alexandra


Nicole Alexandra

Nicole Alexandra aka the Singing Violinist infuses her love of R&B/hip-hop into jazz. Most Millennials see the violin as a decaying fossil—the Singing Violinist does not! Alexandra is an insanely talented singer/songwriter who self-produced her own full-length EP, Dark Moon, as well as hip-hop covers such as SUPER MODEL X THE WORST. Why did Alexandra choose the violin? What does she want her listeners to get out of her music? Tune in to find out!

Strike a Chord - Lili Joy


LiLi Joy

LiLi Joy is back in the studio ditching the wig as she discusses her transition into a fairy pixie sound on her new EP—Colours You Can’t See. Why did LiLi Joy choose to change her image from her earlier look on NBC’s The Voice? What is LiLi Joy’s message behind her 1st music video? Tune in to find out as LiLi Joy talks about her new single and performs an MTV-style of Unplugged with her acoustic performance of Glow.

Strike a Chord - Miss Princess


Miss Princess

Miss Princess is in the studio discussing her career as a solo artist while also being a member of The Era Queens. This pop diva and UCLA Grad isn’t like your average musician. Miss Princess is a singer/ songwriter, scientist, linguist, actress, model and philanthropist—and plays violin, flute, xylophone, classical piano—and the trombone!!! Did you know that playing classical music instead of rock n’ roll will show a higher growth rate in plants because the vibration of sounds affects the consciousness of all living things?! Check out Miss Princess’ new music below!

Strike a Chord - Authority Zero

authority zero persona non grata.jpg

Authority Zero

Punk legend drummer Chris Dalley from Authority Zero (also known for his work in Pulley, Implants, and Death By Stereo) calls into 22West Radio on 88.1FM HD-3 to discuss the band’s first self-released studio album, Persona Non Grata. Is there a difference between North American fans vs European fans? Is rock n’ roll a dying artform? Check out drummer Chris Dalley’s new album below!

Strike a Chord - Maria Schafer


Maria Schafer

Jazz Singer Maria Schafer known for her on-airtime with KJAZZ’s 88.1FM and winner of Outstanding Soloist at Reno Jazz Festival showcases her brand-new album, To Know Love... out on major digital outlets. Schafer sits down in the studio with sidekick Marissa Pitts and I to explore the upcoming Jazz musicians today that have made her what she has become today.

Strike a Chord - Soarin



My inaugural guest on the show is up-and-coming recording artist, Soarin aka Justin Delgado/MyCalvinMusic. He didn’t recognize his talent until his late teens, but since then this multi-faceted musician has grooved in every genre. Not like the normal Synth Lord you come across every day in the galaxy, young padawan, check in to hear his iconic song Addicted to You and you’ll get why he doesn’t plan on stopping until he reaches the top!