Episode 112 Pat McGee, Adam Linkenhelt and Bad Ass

Pat McGee and Adam Linkenhelt – American Relapse

What’s lurking beyond the palm trees and sunny coastal shores of Walt Disney’s Florida? Co-Directors Pat McGee and Adam Linkenhelt sit down in the studio to discuss their latest feature film American Relapse following the heroin epidemic and corrupt rehab practices used in South Florida. American Relapse gives the viewers a raw reality of the plague that has tarnished the Sunshine’s State. Following their Viceland series Dopesick Nation, the co-directors talk about their experiences handling a death rattle, using a narcan, documenting the ugly truth, and what Florida can do to reverse these unsettling number of deaths happening in the state. When is there a point to stop recording and how do you make a film about heroin without making it a needle porn? Tune in to find out!

FACT: Drug overdoses killed more Americans last year than the Vietnam War.

Here are the digital streaming platforms to watch American Relapse:

Bad Ass – Vocalists Helen + Mikie Farber

Throw up your horns and your hair! Punk band Bad Ass vocalists Helen and Mikie Farber also stop by the studio to play music and talk about their decision as parents to change their lyrics.

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