Episode 307 Brittanie Adaire Rodriguez

Episode 307 - Brittanie Adaire Rodriguez

This Month’s CCS MILLENNIAL PROFILE is Brittanie Adaire. Step outside with Brittanie and embrace the spiritual awakening being one with nature. Why did Brittanie Adaire become a Botanist Trail Guider instead of pursuing a more traditional botanist job out of college? How can Millennials get more involved in the fight for Climate Change? Tune in as Brittanie Adaire shares her thoughts on the ‘Green New Deal’.

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Episode 118 Samantha Mehlinger

Episode 118 – Samantha Mehlinger

Samantha Mehlinger writes the column MILLENNIAL PULSE for the Long Beach Business Journal. She also is a new contributor to the CHRIS COLLINS SHOW! Mehlinger sees MILLENNIAL PULSE as an alternative to the bombardment messaging of social media. Instead of relying on Twitter, Instagram, etc., to give readers an understanding of our generation, she puts current events in a broader context that speaks to our issues. She wants millennials to get involved beyond just reacting to social media posts—doing things that help craft our future!

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Episode 115 Mayor Tara Campbell

Episode 115 - Mayor Tara Campbell

Did you know that the youngest female mayor in the United States is just 25?! And, it’s not her full-time job! Why does a millennial run for politics at such a young age if there are no benefits? Could it be that public service—which our government was founded on—is still the case today? Mayor Tara Campbell is a patriotic model for OUR generation. If you want to see change, you have to be a part of that change!