Episode 403 Mandi Macias, Singer & Songwriter

Episode 403: Mandi Macias, Singer & Songwriter, Talks About Music & The Inspiration Behind Her Music

16 year old singer-songwriter sensation Mandi Macias joins the Chris Collins Show to share her success in the music industry. Mandi opens up to Chris and Marissa about how she wishes to be an inspiration for young girls and shares with us the direction of her new music.

Episode 401 Sebastian Schugs

Episode 401: Sebastian Schug, Illustrator and Writer, Talks About Pen Names & Dark Humor

Illustrator and Writer Sebastian Schug joins the Chris Collins Show to discuss why Authors SHOULD consider having a Pen Name! Author of dark humor series, Courtesy Jerk and children series, The Adventures of Daniel, discusses with Chris about the importance of educating our youth on tackling new morals and ethics. Sebastian Schug has written over 77+ books at the age of 22! Tune in as Schug gives advice for aspiring writers around the world!

Episode 308 Monica Escalante

Episode 308: Colorist, Monica Escalante Talks About Cinematic Storytelling

Colorist Monica Escalante (Spider-Man:Into The Verse, Bumblebee: The Movie, Creed, and When They See Us) joins the Chris Collins Show for a conversation breaking down the process of coloring in cinematic storytelling. Why are Camera Operators always getting all the glory while Colorist are never represented? How does a Director for Television or Film communicate to their coloring team about their vision? TUNE IN as Monica Escalante discusses the process of creating your favorite films as well as recommending giving advice for anyone who wants to pursue a career in her field.

Episode 310 Daniel O’Reilly

Episode 310: Actor Daniel O’Reilly Talks About MockBuster & “The Adventures of Aladdin.”

#WhiteJafar aka Daniel O’Reilly is in the studio talking about his role in Asylum Pictures’ Adventures of Aladdin (2019). What goes into the making of a Hollywood Mockbuster? How does Asylum Pictures continuously get away with licensing from iconic Disney films? Does #WhiteJafar approve of the live-action film, The Little Mermaid? Tune in as actor Daniel O’Reilly discusses his approach into the role of #WhiteJafar.

Daniel O’Reilly
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Episode 402: Millie and Roland Memisevic, CEO of Twenty Billion Neurons

Episode 402: Meet Millie and Roland Memisevic, CEO of Twenty Billion Neurons as He Talks About A.I.

Should Millennials be worried about A.I.? How can we embrace A.I. at home and at work? Tune in as Roland Memisevic, Chief Scientist and CEO of Twenty Billion Neurons breaks down the importance of A.I. in our future. And he turns us on to Millie, their A.I. fitness coach who can kick any millennial butt into gear!

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Episode 303 Southern California Shakespeare Festival, SCSF. Linda Bisesti & Robert Shields JUST TALKING

Episode 303 - Southern California Shakespeare Festival, SCSF. Linda Bisesti & Robert Shields JUST TALKING

The theater, what better place to indulge in the violent fantasies that you would never want in your actual life. Linda Bisesti and Robert Shields argue that this was a concept that Shakespeare understood well. So take a seat and gain some insight into the creative world of theater.

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  • Episode 304 Ben Caron Musician

    Episode 304 - Ben Caron

    What in the WORLD is the NEW AGE movement all about? Singer-Songwriter Ben Caron is in the studio embracing his inner peace through the power of music—shining light on the positivity surrounding us in THIS WORLD. Caron wants everyone to know that love is shown on the outside when you recognize yourself first from the inside. Check out Ben Caron’s latest album King Benjamin’s Royal Heart out now on Apple Music + Spotify.

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    Episode 120 LiLi Joy Former THE VOICE Contestant

    Episode 120 - LiLi Joy

    LiLi Joy is back in the studio ditching the wig as she discusses her transition into a fairy pixie sound on her new EP—Colours You Can’t See. Why did LiLi Joy choose to change her image from her earlier look on NBC’s The Voice? What is LiLi Joy’s message behind her 1st music video? Tune in to find out as LiLi Joy talks about her new single and performs an MTV-style of Unplugged with her acoustic performance of Glow.

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    Episode 119 Pumpkin and Stations

    Episode 119 – Pumpkin and Stations

    Actors Samson Klink and Noah Toth are in the studio to discuss Host Chris Collins’ directorial debut of PUMPKIN, which is a film exploring the cultural divisions that exist within the LGBTQ community. Also, two-piece punk band Stations join us during Strike A Chord premiering brand new music for the FIRST TIME EVER on the Chris Collins Show!

    PUMPKIN Pumpkin

    Dan Mitre: Jack McFadden:

    Episode 117 Dr. John B. Wallace

    Episode 117- Dr. John B. Wallace

    Author Dr. John Wallace (Starting at the Finish Line: The Gospel of Grace for Mormons) is back in the studio to discuss religion vs. spirituality. How do millennials interpret faith? Is spirituality the same as religion? Why does religion have such a negative connotation? Can the Bible or the Quran be a starting point for someone who doesn’t associate with a religion? Listen to 2 Ex-Mormons discuss religion and the power of faith.

    Episode 116 Nicole Alexandra

    Episode 116 - Nicole Alexandra

    Nicole Alexandra aka the Singing Violinist infuses her love of R&B/hip-hop into jazz. Most Millennials see the violin as a decaying fossil—the Singing Violinist does not! Alexandra is an insanely talented singer/songwriter who self-produced her own full-length EP, Dark Moon, as well as hip-hop covers such as SUPER MODEL X THE WORST. Why did Alexandra choose the violin? What does she want her listeners to get out of her music? Tune in to find out!

    Episode 115 Mayor Tara Campbell

    Episode 115 - Mayor Tara Campbell

    Did you know that the youngest female mayor in the United States is just 25?! And, it’s not her full-time job! Why does a millennial run for politics at such a young age if there are no benefits? Could it be that public service—which our government was founded on—is still the case today? Mayor Tara Campbell is a patriotic model for OUR generation. If you want to see change, you have to be a part of that change!

    Episode 114 The Millennial Traveller

    Episode 114 - The Millennial Traveller

    Do you have fears of travelling solo and never knew how to begin? Are you like me when it comes to travelling and don’t know what to bring on your vacation? Amanda the Millennial Traveller a CHRIS COLLINS SHOW Contributor speaks to our generation about the importance of traveling outside your zip code—and it’s OK to travel SOLO!

    Episode 113 Chris Goes To Tokyo

    Episode 113 - Chris Goes to Tokyo

    After 25 years of existence, my little brother Kelley and I travel outside the country for the first time. Did you know it’s nearly impossible to find a trash can in the streets of Tokyo? Do you think your pilot should speak internationally? Have you ever wondered how to get stuck on Disneyland’s Space Mountain? Oh...how I dream to go back to Japan!

    Episode 111 LiLi Joy

    LiLi Joy - The Voice Contestant

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go thrift shopping with LiLi Joy or how theater played a major role in her musical career? LiLi Joy sits down in the studio to discuss her massive success from THE VOICE at just 15 years old! At such a young age, LiLi Joy speaks about her passion to advocate for mental health, depression, and to be the voice of Generation Z with her music. LiLi Joy talks us through her excitement of country artist Blake Shelton buzzing the pop sensation in to be a contestant on THE VOICE for #TeamBlake.

    Episode 110 Miss Princess

    Miss Princess - International Pop Singer

    Miss Princess is in the studio discussing her career as a solo artist while also being a member of The Era Queens. This pop diva and UCLA Grad isn’t like your average musician. Miss Princess is a singer/ songwriter, scientist, linguist, actress, model and philanthropist—and plays violin, flute, xylophone, classical piano—and the trombone!!! Did you know that playing classical music instead of rock n’ roll will show a higher growth rate in plants because the vibration of sounds affects the consciousness of all living things?! Check out Miss Princess’ new music below!

    Episode 108 Anthony Sparzo


    Enough is enough! It’s time for our generation to speak up and address the issues that has put a dark cloud over 2018. Opioids are NOW the number one cause of death in the United States and are continuing to rise to this day. Director of Sacramento Sober Living Homes and Author of From Judas To Me, Anthony Sparzo calls into the studio to expand the conversation of the dangers among the use of prescription drugs. “What is being lost in this fight is—LIFE! What is the solution?”

    Episode 107 Marcus Hawkins

    MARCUS HAWKINS - Comedian

    Comedy is the best source of medicine and when Marcus Hawkins comes around – you know it’s a GREAT time! Hawkins sits down in the studio at 22West radio to discuss his upcoming shows at the Ice House in Pasadena to Laugh Factory’s Chocolate Sundae. Also, we discuss the use of strict cellphone policies at comedy shows and whether it’s cool for comedians to recycle old jokes. Is there nothing untouchable in comedy?

    Episode 106 Maria Schafer

    MARIA SCHAFER - Jazz Singer

    Jazz Singer Maria Schafer known for her on-airtime with KJAZZ’s 88.1FM and winner of Outstanding Soloist at Reno Jazz Festival showcases her brand-new album, To Know Love... out on major digital outlets. Schafer sits down in the studio with sidekick Marissa Pitts and I to explore the upcoming Jazz musicians today that have made her what she has become today.